Playing “Swords Without Master” using Trello

I recently ran an online session of Swords Without Master, using Trello as a platform for organizing the game. It was a fantastic story, and I got some very helpful feedback from some other members of the Discord Without Master server.

We found that it was not necessary to see all the details of the rogues at once, but were able to get a clear overview of the game at a glance. Including rogues’ eidolons as cover images on their cards added a lot of visual appeal and more information can be viewed by opening the card details. This also allows us to include easy rules references for use during the game. Labels are applied liberally, and some basic automation facilitates starting and ending phases and passing the dice. After a little practice with the label hotkeys, this becomes seamless and can mostly be handled by the Overplayer.

This setup can be created using features available to free accounts in Trello. Instructions can be downloaded here. You can also copy the board as a template.